About Us

A note from the creators of Concierge Nutrition and Fitness, Drs. Kristin E. White and Kimberly A. Sheppard :


Thank you for visiting our webiste and learning more about our program! We are sisters and lifelong exercise enthusiasts who  created Concierge out of our passion for health and fitness.  In our 10 years in practice, we have helped many people along their weight loss journey. We  understand the struggle of weight loss, both personally, and from our experience helping others achieve their health goals.   We believe that adopting a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise, not “dieting”,  is the answer to long term success. 

It may sound simple, but the practical part of  making healthy choices  is the most challenging aspect of weight loss.  Our goal at Concierge is to be the bridge between “knowing what to do” and “actually doing it.”    “Doing it” requires shopping, meal preparation, and making healthy choices restaurants; something we found that our clients simply did not understand how to do without feeling overwhelmed.   We not only teach you what to do, we teach  you step by step how to do it. 

We offer more than one on one nutritional consulting. Along the way, we will teach you to shop and how to prepare your meals quickly and easily. We will even take you through the grocery store and show you how to shop and set your pantry up! THAT is what concierge service is all about!

Our VIP members of our website will have access to a weekly meal plan with videos and instructions on how to shop and prepare the week meals. VIP members have access to an online app where they can easily “swap” out foods within the meal plan, so food logging is quick and easy.

We offer group fitness in our office, but our trainers will also come to your home (or wherever you like ) for individual or group personal training.   We wanted to create a program that would serve the needs of the individual but still be affordable . Therefore all of our services can be purchased “ala carte.”